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A New Global Era Of Complexity

As talks of a Chinese hardlanding continue to make the rounds, Maplecroft is out with its map of emerging global risks. This week draws attention to the economic risk in China, which needs to drive up domestic consumption to stem the economic slowdown.

Here’s a map and an article on the increasing macroeconomic risks in China via Maplecroft:

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How True Are China’s Economic Reports?

What might seem an arcane detail is actually “a real indicator” of economic trends, says Mr. Cavey, a China analyst at Macquarie Bank. Digger sales point to likely construction, which is a big driver of Chinese economic growth, he notes. “You can’t draw macro conclusions from those figures,” he acknowledges, “but they serve as a sense check of official data.”

That’s important when the official data paint a conveniently rosy picture, such as Tuesday’s announcement that GDP growth in the last quarter of 2011 was 8.9 percent, marginally more than expected, which suggests China will have a soft landing as its economy cools.

Optimize Global Strategies With Localization

“ projects China to earn a market share of 18.8%, compared to 11.5% in 2011. According to these numbers, China is estimated to overtake the Unites States, which may see its aggregate online sales decline from 24.4% in 2011 to 16.8% by 2015. It’s estimated that Japan will remain third overall despite a market share reduction of -25.7% compared to 2011.With an estimated market share change of +43.3%, Brazil will jump into fourth place. Russia too will leap two positions to sixth overall with a change of +27.5%.”

Why Localization Matters

“Producing sites in English only is no lengthier the normal for corporations, thanks to globalization and the capability to simply connect to the world-wide-web from just about any place in the earth. Quite a few U.S. companies obtain as substantially as 50 percent of their revenue from international income, and this would not be achievable with no reaching out to goal individuals in a strategy that they can understand with the enabletlumaczenia czeski of a internet site translation provider.In order to capitalize on international profits, internet site translation have to includetlumaczenia czeski a lot more than just transforming a word in English to one more language. Alternatively, business enterprise translation have to integrate localization in order to optimize a firms achieve as nicely as prevent dear and embarrassing blunders.”